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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

"A Remedy" (It works for me!)

Last night there was revelry on the streets of Toronto as dozens of motorcycle enthusiasts joined in the 24th CVMG Old Fort York Lucas Push. It was my second time to the Push and once again I found myself immersed for the night in motorcycle bling, lore, talk and all round fun.
The event was started 24 years ago as, “A remedy for cabin fever suffered by bikers during the coldest, most depressing months of the year.” Last night was neither cold nor depressing in Toronto. Unlike home, the streets were refreshingly spring like and free of snow. Several motorcycles, other than the one being pushed were spotted on the streets, but it was definitely the one being pushed that turned heads of the unsuspecting passersby.
This year’s push was a 1949 BSA Bantam whose owner declared he likes it just the way it is and has no plans for restoration though it doesn’t actually start … but then, that was ideal for ‘The Push.’
'The Lucas Push': Curing the winter blues.


  1. Great idea for helping people through the winter. I imagine everyone left on a high note.

  2. Nice to see you are still having fun. Old man Winter gave the pushers a weekend reprieve. Don

  3. Man, you guys really know how to have fun. I'm moving to Canada.

  4. Hey there, that looked like fun. Out here on the prairies, you can just about hop on your bike if you're very careful. The snow is gone, just patches of ice to watch for. The winter has been the best one here that I've ever experienced. No one has cabin fever this year. It's all good! Have a great week! Suzu

  5. Here I sit in Toronto, it's April 3rd and snowing. What is up with that? I figured I'd be strolling in shorts.