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Saturday, July 14, 2018

After All These Years, How Is It That I Didn’t Know This Already

The temperature dropped and the dew was heavy last night. It was almost like rain it fell so hard and fast. But I was snug like a bug inside my little paprika cocoon. This morning the damp chill lingered making me put on every layer I had brought with me while I wondered what the heck happened to the “warmest summer on record” that had been predicted.
It took a long time to get moving (thawed out) but then a lovely young campground employee asked me what I was planning on doing for the day. I said I was going to walk around and she asked if I was going to walk to the beach. I said, I’d like to. (How is it that I’ve been coming here all these years and never knew this before?) She asked if I knew about the trail. No, what trail? All this time I thought the only way in to the beach was down the parkway, a drive for which there is (except for last year because of Canada 150) a fee to enter. It also meant gearing up, and who wants to spend a lot of time at the beach in their snowsuit?
Today I discovered how to enjoy a real PEI beach vacation … you walk to the beach, and if you walk to the beach you might discover about 30 more kilometres of costal trails, perfectly maintained and ready for the exploring. And if you tell someone about the trails they might tell you about 30 more kilometres of trails not far down the road. I am in heaven. (And I think I have become an official PEI tour guide, two people stopped and asked me how to get to the beach today … well, just let me tell you!)


  1. Cool discovery! Now you are ready for tour guide duty...

    That looks to be a really beautiful area. I can understand why you visit often.

  2. Awesome, Karen. I loved the walks on the PEI beaches (despite the fact that it was raining every time I visited).