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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Great Trail

Part of the “The Great Trail” (apparently now named,) and formerly named the Trans Canada Trail passes through my hood. I walked a portion of The Great Trail in New Brunswick and Quebec. Now, that I am home in Ontario, why not explore a little more of it?
Under a time constraint, I walked such a small part of it this morning, along Sydenham Lake. Tomorrow, I think I might just go a little further ... with a lunch!


  1. I recently came upon a portion of the Continental Divide Trail near Helena, MT. Even came across a young man hiking himself....

  2. Walking the whole trail... would be quite the project. I guess I stick with the Black Forest trails for now...

  3. That’d be a long walk though it would be an accomplishment. Walking across country has passed my mind though a bicycle may be more efficient. (~1/4 the energy per mile)