Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Everything's Late This Season ...

The magnolia has bloomed ...
but the Star hasn't. The magnolia should be done by now and the lilacs near blooming, but not so this year. Everything is late. It has been an unusual spring: rainy and cold or cold and rainy. My thoughts go out to all of those dealing with high water and floods. 
I'm lucky, I know the star will shine again ... as soon as time and weather allow.


  1. About 3 weeks behind here - for gardening, riding, and golfing. Hoping for a great summer to make up for it!

  2. So pretty. Beautiful shot of that magnolia. It is a shame things are late for you this year.

    For some reason things are early for us. The floods came and went and we've had over 3 weeks of warm dry weather.

    1. Lucky you westerners ... it's been rain, rain and more rain here except for the odd Wednesday or Thursday when we've all been at work. Fingers are crossed from here on though.