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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So much to do ... so little time.

Well, I've only days to go and here I sit in my living room turned mission control. I am now trying to conquer the GPS. I love the idea of route planning - and finally (really, just seconds ago) I've loaded the first 4 legs of my adventure as routes into my Garmin Zumo 660. The first leg was simple, no problems but I wish somewhere in the instructions (maybe they did, but who reads instructions) they would have pointed out that you can't save a route that includes too many maps or waypoints. So I've had to break down the Marion Ohio to Charlottetown PEI route into 3 legs.

I've had a TomTom in my SanteFe for some time now so why did I choose Garmin for bike? It's simple, of course I'd read several reviews by bikers about the Garmin and I had an idea it would be a good choice but the real reason was - it was the only model available off the shelf in Kingston. I had it installed at K-Tec Moto Services (thanks guys) and I'm thrilled. They also installed a 12 volt plug so I can charge all my toys on the road. If you're ever passing through Kingston and need a reliable motorcycle mechanic check them out. They also insisted I know a little bit more about my bike than I had chose to pay attention to, simple things like where the tool kit is, (my dealer, Performance Shed did walk me through all these little details but I must have been blinded by the shininess of my 'prissy' new little Yamaha VStar and promptly forgot.

Bikes tuned up, blog's on the go, Garmin's under control - now it's time to start the list - what else do I need, if you've got a tip I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. Hi Karen
    I am going to try this again.
    I am so excited for you as are the kids. Alexa was excited to show her Bampa her new bike as he was asking about it.
    Be safe, have fun and I will keep in touch.