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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Brings Back Memories

Hello from Bar Harbor Maine - when I passed the sign saying "Boston" the memories of Justin's and my trip to Bar Harbor came flooding back. We were heading to Old Orchard Beach when I read the sign "Welcome to Boston" - missed the Beach by a couple hundred kilometers. Ive never laughed so hard in my life. Guess Justin gets his sense of direction from me. No bears out looking for tasty tourists to eat today, which was totally fine by me. A few Americans out though, met a young man with his two children at today's icecream stop who, when he saw my Ontario plates, had to tell me how much he loved the Canadian Goverment because they sponser shows like Trailor Park Boys, it's his favorite show - don't it just make you proud to be Canadian!! He did inform me, sadly - really, he nearly had tears in his eyes - Boston has just traded their best goal scorer to the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Every time I cross mountains I get the same feeling, I know at the top of this hill it'll be the last hill and then I get there and all I see are more hills. Then I finally get to the top of the last hill and there before me is the great big beautiful ocean - but before I see it, I know it's there. I smell it, the smell of the sea. It has been 6 days of smells - the smell of the Ohio dairy farms with new mowed hay and silage, the hot sweltering smell of tar and steel in the cities, the cool, crisp, refreshing pine smell of the forested mountains, the smell of campfires and of bacon cooking . . . bacon cooking, what are those campers thinkin?. They're just advertising "tasty tourists" for the bears, yikes - no bacon for me!
Today was cool - temperature is a matter of perspective. It was only 85 this morning and I felt chilly, didn't take off my fleece until 10:30 and near the ocean the air was even cooler with a fog rolling in on a brisk breeze. The VStar is holding the road nicely in the breeze, ladies, don't think you need a big hog of a bike to have a comfortable ride. The 650 VStar is turning out to be a great ride!
I met two bikers from, I don't eactly remember where - a state that has a K in it, I think. They loved my VStar - they thought it was a 1200, they too are on a 21 day bike tour and were heading to Bar Harbor, maybe I'll run into them again (wonder if they watch Trailor Park Boys).
Please, no "Why did the bear cross the road?" jokes - we all know it's to eat the tourists. Tomorrow's blog - all about dirt and Ken's birthday.


  1. Hi K,
    You crazy woman. Glad you're picking up some friends along the way. Not sure if you can check your email or not. But I'm sure you'll check this eventually.
    Feeling your pain on the heat wave, Sipps is a solid 36 degrees all day.. with buskers and line ups, maybe even worse.
    Head out to Halifax on Sunday - the first time I'll have a day off sicne June 2nd! Yikes!
    What are your plans.. will you be kicking around? Even if it's just for a lunch date? Let me know!


  2. Karen:

    I wished I were in Bar Harbor again. So many memories . . . Maybe next time the sun will come out

    Riding the Wet Coast