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Friday, July 9, 2010

The Dirt on Dirt

I promised to talk about Dirt and Ken's birthday - well, happy birthday Ken, I made you a video - sorry, couldn't post it.
Now for the dirt on dirt. It's always been my "kindergarten philosophy" that if you don't end up dirty, then you didn't have fun ... well by those standards I must be having fun, I haven't been able to get the dirt out from under my fingernails for about 5 days now - and when I stop for the day I have to scrape the soot (where it comes from, I don't know) off my face, kids point at me in the pool and laugh.
I did 670km today. Okay, by SUV standards, not far, but by biker butt standards it's a respectable distance. I am in Prince Edward Island.
Dan took me on a short cut from Bar Harbor - fabulous little back road where I met a woman who couldn't open the gas lid for her Volvo - 5 men and 15 minutes later, she was getting gas.
Once again, I hit Canadian soil and the fog rolled in and the temperature dropped. I had to stop to add layers.
I'm here - No thanks to my friend "Garmin Dan!" Let me tell you about my little falling out with Garmin Dan. It all started when I met group of bikers from Halifax. We chatted - they were heading to Deals Gap (Good luck with the Dragons Tail boys, hope you don't end up on the tree of shame), they warned me about road construction on the way to the Island - they said make sure you go to Sackville not the scenic route, so to be sure I told Dan take me to Sackville. For future reference, if you see a road sign that says no exit, believe it! If it looks like Deliverance country, it is! At first I thought it was one of Dan's little short cuts, but then the road seemed to disappear - U TURN. I kept UTURNing until I let common sense take over and headed east (against Dan's advice) and hit the super slab. I finally made to to Sackville and the bridge with Dan still saying, drive 1 kilometer and make a UTURN. My question is, Dan, if you want me to make a UTURN, why should I drive 1 kilometer before I do that, shouldn't I do that now? Dan was still telling me to UTURN at the foot of the bridge, of course it was then I realized I had programmed him not to take me on any toll roads, and the bridge is, of course, a toll road. All is forgiven, sort of.
I remember many years ago coming down to the Island with my family on what was to be Matt's last trip to the Island. The bridge had just opened and we were passed by cars zipping along. His comment was, what are they rushing for - there's a bridge now, don't they know they dont have to hurry to catch the bridge like they did to catch the ferry? Yet as I drew closer I found myself rushing, it wasn't to catch the ferry, it was to catch the spirit, the spirit of the Island. I'm here!
The smell of the day - clover.
The wind was wicked from Saint John to Sackville - cross winds. I couldn't help but think that poor Suzi Suzuki (100+ pounds lighter than Prissy VStar) would have had me calling it quits for the day long before the Island however she would have been a lot easier to UTURN).
I've had dinner at brothers 2 or 2 brothers, not sure which it is - food wasn't nearly as good as the Creekside Pub (It's Friday, I miss the Creek), but the entertainment was great. Singer, song writer John Oliver a little country a little blues. The sign didn't mention the name of his co singer, it should have - she was great!
I'm hoteling again tonight - it had better rain like "they" said it was going to. Tomorrow I hope to scope out a nice campsite and relax for a couple of days, after my free breakfast and a swim in the hotel pool.

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