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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain Is Wet ...

Here I am in PEI - you should know that everytime I come to PEI it rains (I'm to blame). I've checked the forcast every day for PEI and everyday, sometimes twice a day it changes. First it was rain today and tomorrow, that's why I raced to get here, isn't it? Don't you think it's ironic that when it starts to rain all the people jump out of the pool and run for shelter - what do they think, they're gonna get wet? Well, I had just finished setting up camp and returning with saddle bags full of fresh, delicious food and decided to change and go swimming (for my second time today - did I tell you I like to swim?). I just walked out of the change room when the heavens opened and it began to pour, I'm in my swim suit yet I run for cover to the nearest building and look at the pool where everybody is jumping out, towels over head running for the nearest building for shelter. Here's my sign!
I'm sitting in my little tent from MEC - and it's holding up so far. I love the sound of the rain on the tent just as long as the rain stays on the outside and I'm on the inside. Speaking of inside - there is just no way to gracefully get into a small tent, in the pouring rain, in a hurry. As I was trying to get into my little "paprika" shelter I had a vivid picture in my mind of what the campers across the way could see and it definitely didn't include my best angle.
I had a moment this morning when I thought I might just hotel it again for another night, but then the sun came out. I thought as long as I can set up camp before the rain, get my gear nicely stowed inside I'd be fine, and I am, though I've left most of my stuff in dry bags just in case. I must go and see if I can find an extension cord as I'm bit too far from the "plug in" post to reach and I'm on half battery, oh no.
There's another little tent, just like mine (different colour) just two tents over. Hope they stay dry as well.
Hey, what's with Regis and Kelly, they've been following me on my vacations - March Break, I'm on NYC, they're in NYC and now they turn up on the Island as well. Wonder if we'll get chat? I should make a sign for the VStar or tie some tin cans to the back of it to get their attention. Lots of things happening on the Island - it's a busy place this week.

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