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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

What's Wetter Than A Day Of Rain On The Island?

What's wetter than a day of rain on the Island? That would be two days of rain on the Island. It's pouring for a second day here on Prince Edward Island and everytime I check the weather forcast, they (whoever "they" are) change their minds...doesn't matter how often I check, each time the five day forcast is different. What are they doing, putting little notes in a hat and pulling them out hourly?
Another biker (Al, from BC) was camped here last night - he's touring Canada from the furtherest point in the west to the eastern furthest tip and enjoying every minute of it (except for the noise in the campground last night). Thanks Al for the visor squeegie - fits on my thumb and I can squeegie off my visor in the rain - cool.
I stood this morning pondering what to do (in the pouring rain at 6 am, and of course the office, with hot coffee doesn't open 'til 8:30). I don't like riding in the rain. But then the rain let up and I said, "Hey, lets go visiting." I headed to Stratford, just outside of Charlottetown in a light drizzle. Not too bad. There was construction on Hwy 1 close to the city, a bit rough, but I'm cautious. It was the trip home that had me worried. It rained torrentially (is that even a word?) I was glad that I knew where to expect the construction work because by the time I was heading back to my cozy little campground, there were washed out parts on the road and flooded areas on the roadways. I was soaked through when I got back. Thank you KOA folks for letting me hang my riding duds in your locked up and heated back room. Maybe there's a chance they will drip dry by tomorrow, only to be soaked again on the next ride, but who knows, perhaps the weather forcast will change, again, by then.
The temperature has dropped from the 90s to 69. I've gone from a tank top to my Helly underarmour, but my little tent is holding up and I'm dry inside!!! I just want to know, why is it you have to visit the bathroom 10 times more often when it's pouring rain, and the bathroom is 300 meters away than when the sun is shining and the bathroom is right next door?
The smell of the day - more bacon sizzling. Did you know, there are no bears on Prince Edward Island, enjoy your bacon folks?
Didn't even take my camera out of its little ottor box today - too wet for pictures.


  1. Hi Karen,
    Sounds like you are trying to make the best of it during all the has been nice and sunny here....didn't need to leave home for the nice weather. Hope it dries up soon for soon.

  2. Wow Karen... this is spectacular!
    Thank you for inviting me to travel with you here!!
    Just returned from my brain break in Hilton Head island SC with my kidlets.
    We should have blogged!
    You are so courageous, and kind of funky too! Great pics!