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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What Day Is It?

You know you're really on a holiday when you can't remember what day it is! For me, it's a drying day. That ocean breeze that was giving me so much trouble on the ride to the bridge is now a welcome commodity. My riding gear that got so wet last night on the ride home(to my tent) is drying nicely hung between two trees and my little paprika tent, well, you'd never know it had been in torrential down pours. It's looking snugger and dryer than ever. The only true victim of the storms, with little hope of recovery today is my left boot - soaked to the top???
Alright then, PEI may not have bears but they have sneaky little squirrels. This morning I discovered that in my rush for cover I forgot to zip up my top bag which had a banana and an apple inside. A tricky little squirrel managed to wiggle in under the lid and taste the apple. Lesson learned, zipper everything or feed the wild life. I've booked a third night at this site to relax and hopefully dry out so I can enjoy a bit of a ride around the Island tomorrow (last time I looked they were threatening some sunshine for tomorrow). I've added a link to the weather forcast here so you can keep up to speed with me. I hear there were some total washouts on the main highway into Charlottetown last night - I went through a couple of really rough spots, guess I made it at the right time.
Hey Tim, nice to have you join me - you can the kidlets should have blogged, it's quite fun (obviously doesn't take much to amuse me!)
I now have a twitter account, of course I have no idea how to tweet (next learning curve) but apparently I already have two followers - cool! Hey there cooldude and pegscrapers. Yikes, here come the sprinkles, time to put the techno toys inside.


  1. Boy, you are really getting into all this techno stuff...I feel left out...I don't even have a blackberry...a disgrace to my profession....everyone I know has one. Glad the weather is taking a turn for the better. I thought for sure the squirrels would have found your stash of almonds....must have hidden them better. Talk soon....BD

  2. Karen:

    I remember you telling me to put our food away. Wished we could go back to PEI. Now I know why

    Riding the Wet Coast