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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going Squirrely

Alright, yesterday the little b****** squirrel was cute trying to get into my bag. This morning at 4 am when I heard him out there he became slightly less cute and at 4:30 when I decided I should get up and shoo him away he was really not cute anymore at all. The squirrel has tried to chew his way into my bag (should have gotten up at 4 when I first heard him). I had to unfasten the bag and bring it inside the tent with me.
I am off today to tour the north end of the Island - in the sunshine! This time I'll take my camera, wait a minute, maybe I should take the little b***** squirrel with me and leave him on the other side of the island.

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  1. Shelley MulrooneyJuly 14, 2010 at 10:06 AM

    Hi Karen... ok... so I tried to post once already and it didn't work. Trying again! Great to read your blog and live vicariously through you. What an amazing trip. When I read your bit about seeing the potato fields in bloom, it warmed my heart. A beautiful sight and one of my favourites. The squirrels are definitely more of a nuisance than the bears, from my camping experience. I'll keep checking in. I love the google map feature... very fun to see where you are. The pictures and descriptions of the journey are wonderful. Thanks! Enjoy every minute... Shelley M