Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 2 - Ohio

It's day two of my little adventure and I put on a few more kilometers today - 506.1 to be exact. And yes Barbara, I am camping tonight on Bunker Hill Road near Mansfield Ohio. Decided to drop down to Mansfield instead of Marion because the campsite I wanted was here. I had lunch in Meadville at the Wendy's - did you know that all of the McDonalds, Wendy's and Tim Hortons have free wifi in them? I just discovered that today so when I take a little break from riding I can read messages and check the weather on my IPOD. My lost phone, has been found - really, it's all about the packing thing.
Sad news today, my poor saddle bags, both of them, ripped (I expect from the strain). they have been with me for six years and I knew they were looking a little worn but I was hoping they'd make it through one more trip.
Again today I didn't stop for pictures, except for the one of the windmill. Don't know what it is about windmills, I just think they are beautiful and there's gotta be fewer health side effects than from a nuclear power generating station.
The camp ground has a pool, but very little in the way of groceries (not like the WalMart). Dinner was a can of beans and some cheese.
I figured out the self timer on the camera and am leaving you with a photo of me, my tent and my star.
Hey Alexa and Rachel - there are fireflies at my campsite, I think they like my computer screne!


  1. Can of beans, you say...did you heat them up?? Beans at the best of times are iffy.....glad you are sleeping alone!! Too bad your bags gave out...happy you did not lose your phone....sleep tight...BD

  2. Hi Karen,

    The blog is great! Glad you were able to start the journey with some fantastic weather. We'll miss you at the Creek on Friday.
    Have fun, and drive safely!!!

    Looking forward to reading more,
    Sarah (the waitress)