Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 3

Hi Sarah, nice to have you along!
I can't talk about day three, I've got to comment on night 2. Camping! Kuto's to the man from Mountain Equipment CoOp who said, "Go for the 2 inch luxury air mat," Just one comment, one man's two inches of luxury is another woman's sleeping flat on the ground. But truly, I had the best sleep, aside from the fact my sleeping bag kept slipping off the sleeping mat. It was a much better sleep than in the hotel - and on that note, here I am in a hotel again. It's what I call poor planning. I said to myself, start looking for a campsite by 4, by 6:30 there wasn't one in sight (who would know? I should have because that always happens!)
Garmin Dan cut out on me today, but thankfully he came back on. Sometimes I think he must be mad at me - he stops recalculating when I don't do what he says and I have to ask him to recalculate. He's usually bang on when he does. Garmin Dan can get confused if you pull off the highway and make a circle into a gas station (I tend to do that myself) - just keep that in mind if you are navigating with 30 billion dollars worth of satellite equipment, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and ask him to "recalculate".
It was a hot one today, rode pretty much straight for 11 hours stopping for breakfast, gas and a Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar - too long, will have to plan better tomorrow.
My Star is still working great and managing to get comments along the way. Can you believe it, somebody asked me if she was an "1100 cc" today. She felt heavy today but still handled the mountain switch backs with form. I've come from Ohio, spent a nano second in West Virgina (Almost Heaven) and was straight into Pennsylvania - Pittsburg and steely hot!!!


  1. Not a good plan to ride for so long when it is so hot.....take it easy tomorrow.....if you arrive at your next destination early, you can go stock up on 'provisions'.....stay safe...

  2. Posted something yesterday but it must have gotten lost in cyberspace.....try to not stay in the heat too long......I suggest finding a pool somewhere along the route and lounging today.....