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Friday, July 23, 2010

Missing The Road

Some people plan their next journey before they've finished their present journey - I can't seem to do that. I have to go through a mourning period for the trip just finished, wishing I was still on the road, though as I stood watching the storm race in yesterday I was glad I'd made the choice to come home a day early.
The weatherman was right for a change, and when he's right, he's right. It was a 'wicked' storm with fierce winds, jagged bolts of lightening, driving rain and pelting hail stones as big as good sized marbles. For a brief moment we even had a tornado warning. It was the real thing and it passed through the area not once but twice. I was glad to be safe and sound inside. Home, where some things never change. The dog still panics during a storm while the cat snores on soundly from inside the paper shredder box. The big news was the neighbour's barn burned. The only thing that perished in the fire was his RV which was stored in the historic barn - sad but replaceable.
I'm on the road again, but this time on four wheels. The road seems so narrow. I brought Garmin Dan along for old time sake, but I miss the feel of the wind and the smell of the countryside, okay, some of the smells. I don't miss the rain that is moving in once again today, more weather in the last two days than I really saw in three weeks on the bike.
Well, the best way to get over it is to begin looking forward to the next adventure, it's time. I'd love to hear your suggestions. How does a trip down the Lincoln Highway strike you?
In the mean time I hope it will be useful to muse, in hindsight, on the pros and cons of living with Garmin Dan, touring on a 650 VStar, packing for a tour (I had just gotten to be "efficient" when my trip ended. Just gotten to where packing and unpacking was organized, everything finally had its place and I could get it done in half an hour.)
. . being a gal on the road! I'm really looking forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions on the blog this tour and the next tour.


  1. Hi Karen
    Just catching up on your adventures. I have been without internet for 9 days, so I had alot to read. I am glad you are home safe and sound.
    What is your next adventure?
    Thought of you this morning as I ran by the school....

  2. Karen:

    Glad you made it home safely. I felt I was with you on this trip. I keep dreaming of where we went and where you were

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Bob, you've really upped my page views today ... slow day at work, lots of time for dreaming? Thanks for commenting on all my old stuff, back then it was just close friends and family who knew who I was. I've come a long way too!