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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20 - Day 18

The smell of the day - home! It seems like it's been a long time and yet no time at all, and the adventure is over (well this adventure, for now). There's something sad about the end of a journey, whether it's the end of a journey in your life or a road trip, but it's been a fun ride! What's even more fun is realizing that this was just part one of the series.
I left Trois Rivier this morning, a bit late. I don't understand how I can get behind on a departure when I have less to pack (left the camping gear on the bike), must have been the free breakfast again. Then Garmin Dan - well, don't get me started. I know it's not his fault. I programmed him not to take me on highways or in traffic, but Dan, there's only one real bridge, and it's part of the highway. I can't cross the river under the bridge - really, I can't, no matter what kind of angelic bike the VStar is. That was really how the decision was made - North we would go. I reprogrammed Dan and we headed north on the superslab. The the sky said, "a beautiful day for riding" (I've come to trust the sky more than the forecast). And it was a beautiful day. After Montreal I pressed "home" on the "where to" menu and Dan took me across roads only the locals (and Dan) know about.
The VStar is past her scheduled maintainance - I'll be calling the Performance Shed tomorrow.
This leg of the adventure may be over, but not the journey. I'd love to hear your comments on the blog and the trip so far.
Cathy - I'm so glad that you felt like you were riding with me, it was fun!
Not the last post!

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