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Monday, July 19, 2010

Rte. 132

OMG - what was I thinking? A white bike with lots of chrome! One day of riding in the rain, not a full day or even a long day and she was a sorry sight. (Luckily I carry a couple of microfibre clothes for wiping down the bike - she's looking better now.)
I left Rivier-du-Loup on what I call the ride of Saints, Rte. 132 lined with picturesque, little towns, many named for Saints: St. Andre, St. Germain, St. Denis ... It was a beautiful ride. If you have the chance, make it a destination. The mighty St.Lawrence on one side, the antique, time chiseled rock cliffs on the other - even the roadside weeds seemed beautiful. The St. Lawrence valley and Rte.132 hugs the river front Rivier-du-Loup to Trois Rivier, at times only a few feet away. Only for one short time, just after Rivier Ouelle, was the super slab, highway 20, allowed to take the riverside, then like two ballet dancers the roads twirled back and Rte. 132 was back dancing along the water. You curve loving riders might be a little disappointed, but the straight stretches give you a chance to get caught up in the scenery. Speeds varied from 30kph to 90kph.
The mighty St.Lawrence might have been the Muddy Mississippi today, churning brown and merky - perhaps it was just warning of the weather ahead. It rained fairly steady from about 9:30 on. Once again the weather report was misleading. The rain was supposed to hit Montreal in the morning and move east from there. I thought I would beat it if I planned a shorter day. Not so! I had to put on the rain jacket early on and look for sheltered pumps to fill up at. I saw a roadside sign announcing that the temperature was 70 degrees but it didn't feel like it. I was wearing a fleece under the jacket and raincoat. I pulled into my planned spot in Trois Rivier and the clouds parted (of course). It was suddenly warm and sunny - great for a 4k power walk here in Trois Rivier, a great way to warm back up.
I could make it to Ottawa tomorrow in reasonable time but it wouldn't be fair to drop in three days early. It's a longer ride back to Kingston so I've been mulling over a couple of options. Tomorrows weather looks not too bad in all directions, but the next day is calling for thunder storms. Do I want to ride another day in the rain? Look out boys - Mom might be home early.
A note about dry bags: The Sea Line Baja (ruberized) bags are keeping things very dry, the Sea to Summit (tent type fabric) bags are, let's say, keeping things damp (not wet, but not exactly dry). Good thing the electronics are packed in the Baja bag.

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  1. Hi Karen
    You are one gutsy lady. Your post of yesterday sounds wonderful. I have been reading your blog on a daily basis and except for that I am in the comfort of my home feel like I am on the trip as well. Oh except for the unpacking and the packing and the riding in the rain etc. Have a safe journey home.