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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Colours

Beautiful autumn colours, lunch at Wheeler's Pancake House and a tour of Kiwi Gardens... these are the things that added up to yet another glorious Sunday ride on the VStar. Sadly I can feel it though, the season, like Monday after a weekend, is coming all too soon to an end. A chill is in the air and winter is beginning to hint of its impending arrival. In all honesty, this morning with the temperature at 5 degrees C, had I not realized that the riding days are numbered, I could have easily cancelled. But instead I hauled all of the cold weather gear I could find from the closet - adding layer after layer until, like a toddler in a snowsuit, I could barely move. The sun was shining as I met up with my friends to follow their Jaguar in the annual Boot and Bonnet Car Club fall colours tour (yes, I'm a 'car' party crasher). I have to admit that somewhere about thirty minutes north of Westport, when the clouds covered the sun, I was questioning the sanity of my choice and thinking, "Are we there yet? Are we actually going to get there before my fingers freeze?" But one warm cup of coffee in the wonderful rustic surroundings amidst the beautiful scenery and the cold fingers were quickly forgotten. It turned out to be another near perfect day in Ontario that I'm glad I didn't miss (note to self, life would be more comfortable with heated grips and perhaps a heated vest).

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