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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sometimes you've just got to walk ...

Even though the riding season is fast coming to an end and most riders are squeezing in every last second on two wheels, sometimes you've just got to walk. You've got to walk to see the season's subtle masterpiece by the roadside. Tonight, between rain storms I decided to take time to walk and I found a scene I couldn't capture with a camera. The dampness in the air didn't dampen the delicate, wild roadside garden - wild asters in amethyst and purple, bouquets of brilliant goldenrod and pallid Queen Anne's lace, wispy, white milkweed pods exploding their softness over greens in olive and sage, deep maroon ivies, burnt red velvet tufts of sumac all coming into their own amidst the dying splendor of the maples. Take time - enjoy.
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