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Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Was Time

The first snow has fallen, Halloween has past and though there are threats of beautiful weather, mid week, next week, it was time to put the VStar away. The 35 km ride didn't seem as cold as I thought it would, but it felt strange for sure. The VStar complained about the temperature and was reluctant, almost like she knew it was our last ride for the season. I arrived at the shop shortly after 5 pm, number 7 for the day according to Ross and while I was standing there it looked like numbers 8 and 9 pulled into the parking lot behind me. Last week's snow seems to have given many of us a reality check. The spring plans for an oil change and installation of heated grips were made made - I swiped the debit card, punched in the code and walked away. I met Ken at the end of my driveway. I was still dressed in riding gear. He knew!
So Ken, what will I blog about for the next 6 months? Well, I'll definitely whine about the weather, I may possibly talk about the neighbours. I might go to a bike show or two and I'll keep planning next summer. I have a dream and I hope I can make it happen if I follow my star. But for today - Here's to you...all the folks I met on the road and on the net ...
Kingston (my Mom's friends and my home townies);
Peace River (I've never been, perhaps I should);
Regina (my biggest fans so glad we met);
Saskatoon (think I've ridden by);
Edmunston (can't count the times I've stopped in your town);
New York (gotta luv NY);
Missouri (hoping to pass through again);
Quebec (memories of this summer);
New Hampshire (great place to ride);
Gatineau (to ride and hike);
Nebraska (the pathway west);
Montana (big sky, ranch gates and cowboys, I love it)
British Columbia (Going to the Sun and the most beautiful mountain rivers I've ever seen)
United Kingdom (I'll get there one day)
And to every body I missed ...
Thanks for being with me over the past few months. The bike is away but it "ain't" the end of the story.
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