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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Somebody forgot to tell the dogs and cat...

This is usually one of my favorite days of the year. Not only is it fall, my favorite season, but it's the day I get to sleep in and not feel guilty, because it feels like sleeping in, but it really isn't. It's the day that I often find myself sitting, doing something, whatever it is, and all of a sudden realize hey, it's a lot earlier than I thought. Unfortunately, today, somebody forgot to tell the dogs and the cat to turn their clocks back and they were adamant that I get up to feed them on the old time which turned out to be ridiculously early on the new time. That being said I still managed to experience that "Hey, I've got a whole extra hour feeling" just the same.
Today I took my mom shopping. My mom is 93 years old and a real go-getter. She lives on her own, cooks (for the most part) for herself, reads several books a week, walks, with a 'walker,' several kilometers daily, swims once week and has an opinion on most everything, including her older sister who still drives her own car. Today as I loaded her 'walker' into the back of my SUV I started thinking about aging. I started to wonder what my 'baby boomer' generation will think of the 'walker.' I'm convinced I should get BMW and Mercedes to design 'sporty,'high end walkers in anticipation. Just remember, when you see granny running down the street pushing her 'Ferrari' walker, it was my idea.
By the way, my mom has always hated that I ride a motorcycle yet she can't wait to show the pictures of me and my VStar to all her friends. My biggest fan!

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