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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing changes, but nothing stays the same. Looking Back on my 2010.

"Its funny how you go through the year day by day but nothing changes, then when you look back
everything’s different." (unknown) ... so true!
So I decided to look back and 'note' some of those days when something happened that made everything different. In no particular order, some good some not so good, here are 10 days that made a difference for me in 2010.
  1. The day I created a blog and found that people (other than my mother) had actually read it. Thank you. You are very much appreciated! I love looking at the little red dots on the map - seeing where in the world you are. It is always a pleasure to read your comments and your tweets and your blogs! There are so many fabulous writers in the blog world - well worth reading.
  2. The day I got my first actual, really, truly amazing, "I know you and love you" hug from my Granddaughter Madalyn (she's beautiful by the way!)
  3. The day I, by chance, stopped into the Performance Shed, just to kill some time and found my VStar. I'm thrilled with it still and I'm sure it will be a very large part of the 'star' days of 2011. 
  4. The day I packed the VStar and headed out on my first 'solo' long distance tour.
  5. The day I returned home, over 8,000 km and 19 days later, still in one piece (much to my mother's relief) knowing, I could do it - I did do it - and I had the time of my life doing it!
  6. The day that Ken (whose opinion of motorcycles I value - the rest I take with a grain of salt ha, ha!) said I was a good rider! Thanks Ken - that really boosted my confidence. I'm not a 'born again' rider anymore. Yahoo - my statistics just improved.
  7. The day that Barbara took that flattering picture (hard to do of an old lady) for my blog. Thanks Barbara.
  8. The day that Leslie edited my blog, posthumously and pointed out there is a spell checker on blogger. Well, better late than never. Thanks Leslie.
  9. Every day that I wake up - each one is a bonus. Just plain thank you to everyone who has ever donated a dollar to cancer research.
  10. The evening in New York City when I was quite rude, actually crushing (with regrets, not a moment I'm proud of) to a very nice gentleman who had just designed a building featured at the Olympics. I got on my soap box (as I often do) about the millions being wasted on Olympic pomp and pageantry when 17% of Canadian children live below the poverty line and go to bed hungry. For this I apologize to the nameless stranger. It has been a day that I've reflected on many times. I shouldn't have been so belittling of another's accomplishment, it was an accomplishment well worth being proud of, but that moment has made me realize it is time for me to do something other than rant about hunger. My focus for summer 2011 - to 'Tour for Tummies.'
And just for fun ... 'Cause I'm on holiday and wanted to see if it could be done ...
apologies for the quality (hummm?)

My bikes, then and now - a little video I made
as an excuse to avoid doing everything else I have to do.
Isn't that what being on holiday is all about :)
(Music - Bruce Cockburn, Speechless: Sunwheel Dance).


  1. Great year-end post! I look forward to reading more about your travels in 2011!

  2. Thanks so much Ashley, I'm looking forward to 2011 too, oogling maps and dreaming ... in the meantime everyday is a journey isn't it? Who knows where we will end up!