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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Tuesday Tour

Bedford Mills, Ontario

Bedford Mills is a  beautiful place in summer or winter. This historic mill is located on County Road 10 just south of Westport Ontario. Once a thriving lumber mill it is now the private home of Barry Brown - motorcycle collector, restorer, enthusiast. 

Barbara and I decided to go for a little Tuesday tour today. We stopped to take some photos of the mill then headed to Westport for lunch and on to Newboro, home of Kilborne's a favorite shopping mecca. Kilborne's is an eclectic store where you can buy just about anything, not to mention shoes and it was, 'boots on sale' day. I bought some Canadian made beauties. I told my son I'd bought boots, his first response was, "Riding boots?" No, guess again. "Hiking boots? No! Canadian made 'Pajars' - up to my knees high and good to minus 26. I'm all ready for mucking in the snow but the cawing crows sounded more like spring than winter today. Frankly, our blatant lack of snow in this part of the country has become an embarrassment to Canadian winters. The east coast is being hammered by a winter blizzard, the west was buried long ago and here we are with little snow and temperatures threatening rain. (Okay, I'm not really complaining). This area is such a climate contradiction, open water in one spot, lake rinks and ice fishing in the next. But no real snow.

Only 82 days til spring!

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