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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Here...let me bore you with my holiday photos!

She has become a wicked and wild bitch in her old age has Manhattan, but there is still no sensation in the world quite like walking her sidewalks…” Tom Davies (1979)

New York City - It’s a place where my long time friend and neighbor, Barb and I decided to go once again this March Break. We’ve become ‘Urban hikers’ as there is no such thing as a stroll through the streets of Manhattan. Hiking these streets requires as much skill, agility and stamina as the most rugged trail. It was a personal challenge to see if we could log a few more kilometers this time over last but once again we didn’t have enough time, there’s never enough time - even in a city that never sleeps.

This time we were pretty much devoted “To the pursuit of lunch.” From Midtown to the East Village, from Little Italy to Tribeca and back to the Theatre district... we ate. Delis, coffee shops and restaurants...oh the tastes of New York. Of course we stopped to take a few photos along the way.

Motorcyclists have just started to dust off their rides and haul them from their winter hiding spots here in my part of the world but in New York City the season is in full swing. Who can blame them when Central Park has already exploded with crocus and forsythia and the temperatures are hitting double digits under mostly sunny skies. For the most part, and practically so, New Yorkers are riding agile and maneuverable scooters and Vespa like, small displacement bikes. Only down in SoHo and Little Italy did I see larger machines and even some historic rides. They were parked, some covered, I think, waiting for 5 o'clock.
You gotta love the traffic cop who posed for me on his scooter (just after handing out a ticket to the big red truck!) Thanks New York!

(Oh yeah, just couldn't help throwing in the photos of the 'celebs' and guest Billy Ray from abc's "The View")

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