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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Would the real VStarLady please stand up ...

New York's like a dream to me now... I've been back to work for three days and I've managed to get three paper cuts (so far). Work is obviously far too hazardous so I've decided to lick my wounds and dream of the next vacation when I'll be riding on a VStar. Paper cut pain aside, that's not the focus of today's post.

Today I wanted to share that I am, sadly, not unique. I went to join a Lady Rider's forum - I'm not sure which one or how I linked to it but I found that my "VStarLady" name had already been taken. It was crushing to find out I was not as original as I thought so I Googled VStarLady and found there are 4 of us on the first four pages of Google (and seriously who searches past page 4?)
So who are these other ladies?

VSTARLADY connected with weight watchers - good for her but it's not me (too bad - have you seen her?) Never found out if she rides or not though.
vstarlady of the Wolfpack motorcycle club in California - I'd like to meet her if I make it that far this time around.
VstarLady on myspace - okay she's riding a beautiful white 650 but it's a classic not my custom and finally
VStarLady - that's me, and I like to tour on my VStar Custom (of course you know that 'cause you're reading this blog.)

It's great to see other lady riders showing off their motorcycles - and really we are all unique. Maybe the lady VStar riders should arrange a VStarLady reunion! If it ever stops snowing in Ontario we might even ride our VStars to the reunion. Here's hoping for spring ... VStarLady.

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