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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Postcards from Kingston - ABCD

There are hundreds of beautiful roads and places to see and visit in Ontario. My favorite of course, is my road. It's the first road I travel in excited anticipation of a new journey and the road that welcomes me home again ... unfortunately, it's a country road and it doesn't have a centre line to stand on.
But I am lucky enough to live near one of Ontario's most picturesque cities ... Kingston, Ontario.

Kingston was Canada's first capital for a short time. This is me standing on the centre line, Ontario Street, in front of City Hall.  The street was closed to traffic for the Runner's Choice 21km run today (how convenient). Son, Justin took the photos early this morning.

The view across from City Hall - "Confederation Basin" is just as stunning. All summer long it's filled with spectacular boats touring the lakes.
Kingston is home to two universities of note, RMC and Queen's plus Fort Henry and it's pretty famous for the number of penitentiaries too - that's me on the Star at the Olympic Harbor (in the background, across the harbor, is Kingston Pen.) (Photos by Justin and friend Barbara)

Today was boat in day at the Portsmouth Olympic Harbor. At the crack of dawn big boats began being crane lifted back into the water after a long winter dry dock. The Olympic Harbor is home to CORK the Canadian Olympic Regatta Kingston.

The big cats were on show today at the Harbor ... the Boot and Bonnet Club of Kingston was showing off their Jaguars.

Kingston - The Limestone City, The First Capital - built on the shore of Lake Ontario where the Rideau River, The Mighty St. Lawrence River and the Lake rush to meet.



  1. Checking you out from Gary's ABCD post. Lovely postcards, I haven't been to that part of Canada yet but I'd love to visit!

  2. Wow it's great to meet you Vstar Lady! I used to live right over the river from Kingston as the crow flies in Chaumont NY for many years! I took the ferry to Kingston from Cape Vincent a time or two. Now I'm in northern Alabama "where they know you by name and treat you like family!!" and lovin it! Love your ABCD post. Ride Safe!

  3. Rhonda and Eve: Who would have guessed that running around, standing in the middle of a street, trying not to get run over would be so much fun. Rhonda - it's a great place to visit (and live) and Eve do you miss the ferry rides? I've been through Alabama and hope to travel there again some day. Thanks for the visits.

  4. Great photos and Kingston looks like a gorgeous city. Haven't yet had the privilege of visiting Canada yet but it's on the priority list within 2-3 years!

  5. Geoff - Kingston is definitely a must on any Canadian Tour. And many thanks for this great day, the ABCD idea - lots of fun.

  6. You had a busy day. Nice pictures. When I get around to getting a passport I'll be able to visit Canada again.

  7. Good photos. Never made it to Canada but sure hope to.

  8. Nico'Thom - it was a sad day when a passport became necessary between friends wasn't it?

    Motoroz - hope some day you can visit Canada, it's big and it's beautiful and a great place to ride (in the summer! :o})

  9. VstarLady:

    I worked in Toronto one summer many years ago but didn't have a bike back then. I remember going through Gananoque/Kingston on the way to Quebec City. You have beautiful scenery there. I have seen so many photos of King Edward County. It must be heaven to ride throughout Southern Ontario.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  10. Bob - you're right it's beautiful here in SE Ontario along the Lakes, but then the waters in the glacial rivers of BC are the most beautiful blue I've ever seen, and the sight of the windmills in Pincher Creek Alberta was amazing, the grain elevators jutting straight up to the sky from the prairies were awesome...the mighty St. Lawrence as it opens to the ocean at Quebec is stunning, the red sand of PEI delightful....OK, just face it, where ever we go, this country is beautiful to ride in and look at. We are lucky. Thanks for the comment - and I can't wait to see what's going on - on the 'wet' coast