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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kokomo to Canton

Near campsite
 From Kokomo Indiana to just outside Canton Ohio, today’s ride was 493.5 km. Having had things all packed and ready to load before going to bed last night meant I could get on the road fairly early and was on my way by 7:15 (okay, fairly early for a Sunday morning.) I rode for 3 hours stopping only to get gas, trying to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. There was a light fog when I started and no one else on the road. You’ve gotta love Sunday mornings whether you’re sleeping in or enjoying having the road to yourself. I took a short detour back to Wabash then headed east again toward tonight’s campsite.
By nine there were a lot of bikes on the road and I do mean a lot. I thought that maybe I was witnessing the beginnings of a major pilgrimage to Sturgis until I talked with a Goldwing rider at a gas stop who told me there had been a large bike rally in the area (VanWert) and folks were just leaving. I rode along with him for a few kilometers, until he headed off, with a wave, in his own direction.

Painted ponies
by the roadside
I’m at a fairly large campsite/ranch which the weekenders have deserted. It has a huge pool where I headed immediately after setting up the tent. I managed to arrive by 2 this afternoon just as the heat was becoming oppressive and now, having had a two hour swim and vittles am sitting in the somewhat air conditioned games room. The games room, an old converted barn is like the campsite, deserted except for the big video game machines, lights flashing, voices every once in a while blaring – “Gadzooz” … It’s a bit like being in a thriller movie sitting here, just me and the possessed video games – spooky!
Ohio back road
The countryside is beginning to roll again, the prairies are behind me and I can tell I’m nearing the gentle, old eastern mountains. I had to laugh going through the town of Swayzee. Their sign boasted they had the only town in the world named Swayzee. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rode through places with the same name I’d been through in the state before and sometimes even in the state before that. It can get a little confusing. If only all towns were like Swayzee.

Sometimes - but not today.


  1. howdy!
    It looks like you might be home on Tuesday (tomorrow) maybe? Looking at the map I see that you're still on the wrong side of the Great Lakes!
    Pretty horse!
    Love you, and Stay safe!!

  2. Hi Karen,

    I was born in Canton, Ohio!

    Safe travels,
    Ila :-)