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Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kokomo Indiana

I woke up this morning to a tent drenched and dripping wet from dew. There had been no rain but unbelievable condensation had build up on the tent fly which had dripped onto the inner tent and was beginning to pool on the floor. After an hour of drying and shaking I was no further ahead of the game and had to roll it and pack it wet. Trying to roll and stuff a wet tent into a small sack is somewhat like trying to pull a spandex swimsuit up over a chubby, wet body. There was a lot of inching and grunting involved. I talked to a resident camper who told me he’d never seen dew that heavy in the campground before! Needless to say I had already worked up a sweat in the burgeoning heat and didn’t get on my way until after 9am.
I haven’t made much progress today. After a few disagreements with Dan, country roads with slower speed limits, lots of map checking stops and a major construction detour I rode only 353 km and have fortuitously ended up in Kokomo Indiana. I had never heard of Kokomo before but it seems to be a lovely little city that has just about everything one could need including a Motel 6 that charges only 39.99 a night – and in 95 degree heat at 5 in the afternoon that is a beautiful thing.

Thanks Mom
for the Motel Mad Money
And speaking of Motels … I am having a bit of a battle with the first hotel that I stayed in on this journey. As a very disgruntled customer I’m not afraid to say it was a Days Inn. My first planned hotel stay was to be at the Days Inn in Reno Nevada since the campground was not available for tenting. I have been booking campsites and hotels the night before since travelling by bike I’m never sure (like today) that I will get as far as I have planned. I booked the hotel late in the evening then realized there were two Days Inn hotels in Reno and I had not booked the one that I had told my friends and family I’d be at when I got to Reno. I immediately cancelled the incorrect hotel and booked the correct hotel. The Days Inn has since informed me that, since I did not cancel before 4pm the day before my stay (as per their cancellation policy), I have been charged for the hotel room I did not use. The major flaw here is that I hadn’t booked the hotel room before 4pm and therefore couldn’t cancel it before 4. Not that it makes any difference to the hotel chain but I will not choose to stay with Days Inn again and hope you will join me in my boycott. Tonight I am at a Motel 6. It might not be frilly but it is air conditioned, very reasonably priced and quite adequate. Hey you never know who you'll meet at a Motel 6.


  1. I have been enjoying your trip and after hearing about your Days Inn issue thought I should share about MTN. It is Motorcycle Travel Network, we just joined about 2 weeks ago and had our first traveler stay last night. We hope to use it on our travels. It is like B & B for motorcyclist, you pay 40$ to join and then 15 for singles and 20 for couples when you stay at someones house. Our guest last night was a wonderful lady who had traveled about 1800 miles up into Canada, and she hit us on her way home. We had such a nice visit. I know it is to late for your trip this time but maybe for future. Check it out
    Thanks for blogging your trip.

  2. Howdy!
    We've been having 'rain' problems back here in the old country too. Both Monty's and Dad's basements got flooded in a nasty rainfall on Friday. Kingston was in the news showing flash flooding on Wellington street.
    Today I've cut out an article from the newspaper for you. It's about an 87 year old Motorcycle mama who recently was honoured for being one of the first women to own a bike (Harley) back in the 1940's. She's still riding these days. Maybe there will be an article about you when you're 87 and still riding?
    Lotsa love from Leslie(and STAY SAFE!!)

  3. Thanks for the MTN link - terrific idea.