Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Camped In Illinois - Its Been A Hot Day

Tonight I’m camped in the heartland state of Illinois with its bountiful fields of corn and soybeans. The traffic was heavy today, both car and truck. It’s been the busiest day I’ve seen to date so I was glad to leave the interstate on one of Dan’s famous long way around short cuts.  I passed through numerous towns and stop lights going Dan’s way but it was far less frantic for awhile than the freeway. I read, on one of those digital signs, that the temperature was 93. On and off throughout the day I watched busy little crop dusters swooping in low over fields, leaving their smoky trails of dust behind, then darting away again like dragonflies over a pond.

I’ll be meeting up with the path I started on by tomorrow but for tonight, the dew has already settled on the grass, the fireflies have begun to sparkle and thousands of cicadas are screeching their song as the sun sets. They’re telling me something I already know – it’s been a hot day!


  1. How do you deal with the heat on a long ride like that? And what do you wear? Pretty pics, as always.

  2. Nicole right now I'm wearing a Rocket 3 in 1 jacket which, when all zipped off, is armored mesh (black is the pitfall). Pants are alter egos with mesh strip as well. I can't imagine wearing leather, but I can't imagine not wearing protective gear, that would be like riding naked! I see lots of T-shirts and shorts, Yikes! I also stop frequently and have become addicted to Strbucks vanilla ice cap frapaccinos.