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Friday, July 29, 2011

Black River Under Black Skies - My Weather Luck Ends

The 27th was a quiet and short ride from Bismarck to Fargo where I decided to stop early avoiding predicted stormy weather ahead. The day heated up early as I moved from cowboy country to the edge of the prairie. The land turned from brown to lush and green. The smell of clover and new mown hay was absolutely wonderful. Riding east on the 94 I couldn’t help but wonder what early settlers might have thought about life in the west today. The wagon trains have been replaced by caravans of RVs and semis, cowboys are riding the ranges on their ATVs and riding into town in their Dodge hemis.
Well, the tires did not last and neither did my weather luck. When I checked the air pressure in Fargo I noticed that the front tire was showing weather cracking, much more than it had in Portland and needed to be replaced. I headed to Monticello MN and Moon Motorsports. They were more than fabulous and I had the new tire installed and was on my way in less than half an hour – I hadn’t even had time to finish the free cup of coffee. Moon Motorsports services Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and BMW. If you’re in the area it’s on 3613 Chelsea Rd, easy to find off the interstate.

The Star snuggled up to a Saturn
hiding from the rain.
I had been riding under a sunny sky most of the day and if I had followed my first instinct when things started to darken I would have checked into a roadside motel and I wouldn’t have gotten wet. Instead I pushed on. I headed off the highway to where I thought my campsite would be. I found the address, but apparently it wasn’t the correct address because I didn’t find the campground so it meant doubling back, an extra half hours ride, to get to the interstate. I could see a wall of darkness ahead; it was like riding toward a black hole. A few drops started to hit my visor so I pulled off the road onto a paved drive to stow the camera and cell phone in their water tight containers and the heavens opened up. It was a deluge. From behind I heard a whistle and turned to see a vision - there standing in the open doors of the three bay garage was the mechanic/owner waving me in. I parked inside the garage for about an  hour discussing the west, the liquor laws, the helmet laws, the weather and how so much rain could fall in so little time as he and his son kept working. As soon as the rain let up, with directions to the nearest motel that he thought would be suitable, I was on my way. It was still raining and I checked into the Comfort Inn dripping wet for the first time on this ride. Of course, by the time I’d changed and headed out for food the weather fairies were back with me and I had a pleasant walk to a nearby eatery under sunny skies.

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