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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Game
Hey, did you know ice was slippery?
 It’s the family day long weekend here in Ontario. I’m not sure who thought of this idea but they deserve a great big kiss. I love long weekends, they’re a great excuse to put off until tomorrow all the stuff you’d normally have to do today.
Man Down (oops, that's
my son!)

Since it is family day weekend I headed out to watch my number one son play the truly Canadian game of broomball. In broomball two teams knock a ball around the ice by hitting it with a broom; the object of the game is to put the ball into the opponents net. I’m thinking this game must have been invented by folks who didn’t have skates and couldn’t afford a puck. The teams were playing on the frozen creek and were hoping for the temperature to hit the plus side of zero so the ice would melt and the sand would add some traction, but no such luck.

Discussing strategy or
pinny fashion?
The modern game of broomball must look a little different than the original, at least most of the brooms did. The brooms didn’t look like brooms at all – more like giant plastic ice scrapers on sticks. This wasn’t a totally serious tournament and though most of the players will be recovering from their bruises tomorrow they seemed to be having fun outside on a beautiful February day. As for me I enjoyed the over 5 k round trip walk and another chance to experiment with the Lumix.

Indoor / Outdoor Ice Rink on the Creek


  1. I always had fun playing on the ice, especially if there was hot cocoa nearby.

    I think I spent more time of my butt than standing though, lol.

    1. I think that's a rule - more time must be spent on butt than standing isn't it!?

  2. I used to play a wicked game of broomball. Looks mighty chilly in your part of the country. Here I am whining about the unrelenting rain. I don't know about you, but I am going to be glad when winter is done for this year and I hope its soon! Your lumix takes beautiful pictures.

    1. Dar it certainly isn't riding season and the creek is still frozen but the day was absolutely beautiful, jacket and liner were open before I made it home. As for me and broomball - I could see broken hip written all over that one. I didn't even walk on the ice to take pics.