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Monday, February 20, 2012

K&P Trail

Looking Down the Trail
(Are there bunnies down this trail?)
Day three of the family day long weekend and number two son and I headed out with Misty (the Golden Retriever) and Charlee (the puppy) for a beautiful walk along two sections of the K&P trail just north of Kingston, ON. It was another unbelievably warm day for the month of February and perfect for an easy hike. I had hoped to catch some pictures of springtime waterfalls but we noticed most of the stream and creek beds, where normally torrents of water rush down toward the Cataraqui creek were all but dry due to the lack of snow this winter. We managed to find one small fountain like spill of water running through a crack in a rock ledge so stopped to listen to the spring song just for a moment before walking the muddy, albeit happy, dogs back to the car.
Water running out of the rocks along the trail.
Post Trail Retriever
The look (of the just shampooed dog) says it all ...
How could you?
The trail was obviously muddy and Misty, much to her disapproval, needed a bath on our return home. Walking distance today about 7km round trip.


  1. That is one soggy doggy! I bet though she thoroughly enjoyed her walk.

  2. What a great day.

    The bunny trail comment got me smiling, so did the look on Misty's face after the shampoo, lol.

    1. I think, now 7 hours and half a box of cookies later she may have forgiven me for the indignities suffered!