Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

If, Then ... But ...

one were of hardy stock and one’s motorcycle was not deep in storage,
one might have considered a ride this weekend
that one would not have been me!

Both Saturday and Sunday the temperature hovered around the zero to plus 4 mark (positively balmy for this time of year) and the roads were centre bare with just a light dusting of sand left over from last week’s ‘ice event’. Even with all this going for it, it’s just not time yet. It was, however, a perfect weekend for walking and it was far more fun to actually be going somewhere on a walk rather than trapped, like a rat on a wheel, walking on the treadmill indoors. I had to keep telling myself that it was still, really February. The winter birds seemed to be singing their spring songs, the faint smell of mud and the sound of water trickling down the sides of the road almost lured me into thinking it could be spring. Maybe Wiarton Willy was right and it will come early this year. I’m still enthralled with the new camera and though I’ve taken photos of just about everything in the neighborhood (and not just once) I still take it with me everywhere, in hopes that I will have it mastered come summer.
I saw two geese today; they could have been statues on a neighbor’s walkway except for their complaining when I stopped to take the photos. I seemed to be infringing on their privacy. There were ice fishermen out on the lake. I’ve always wondered what the attraction could be to sit on a frozen lake, dangling a string and staring down into a dark empty hole in the ice. I also wondered about their (common) sense of self preservation considering we’ve had unseasonably and un-normally warm temperatures throughout January and February. But I guess the guy with ice auger would know just how thick the ice really was. Wonder if he caught anything!


  1. Nice contrast between the snow and the ice auger dudes pants.

    It is hard when the weather warms up to think of it as still being winter. Glad you were able to get outside for a walk in the sunshine.

    1. It was really those pants that caught my eye - talk about high vis ... I thought they kind of matched my new Rocket Jacket, but I suspect his had floatation devices rather than armor in them.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful! As I was out riding today I drove by one of our local lakes and there were swans swimming, I was going to stop, but was too lazy. I hope the rodent was right & spring will be early. For us in Victoria it's pretty spring-like and I am riding so there are no complaints here.

    1. Thanks Dar, you're so kind ... everything is just kind of looking all one colour around here this time of year (except for ice auger dudes pants that is :o)

  3. Keep those photos coming!