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Friday, July 21, 2017

I Thought I Was Going To Catch A Sunset ...

A cool morning, it rained again last night, but the sun was shining so I continued up the scenic route, following the river. At Grand Falls the sky started to darken so I moved over to the Trans Canada to make a little time, always hopeful to stay between the clouds. And I did. And the sun came out again, even if the heat didn't.
I headed off the highway once again to ride one of my favourite Canadian roads, hwy 132, along the St. Lawrence River. 
Every time I pass her, I have to stop to say hello. There is something about her that I love. I think it's her attitude or maybe it's the goose on her shoulder. And I was riding out of town, on my way to Quebec City when I stopped, made a U turn and decided to stay. Maybe it was a premonition or maybe just coincidence. I splurged on a nice room and set off to explore Saint-Jean-Port-Joli.
This is a replica of the Iron Screw Steam Ship, Canadian, before, "She lie wrecked on L'Avignon Rock near the Pillars, about 50 miles below Quebec."
And here's what she looks like today, at the bottom of the river.
I suppose I could have gone further, making tomorrow's ride a little shorter but instead I stopped and watched the storm roll in. I expect I would have been fine but ...
It was a spectacular sight. I thought I was going to catch a sunset and instead, like a storm chaser, I watched the storm roll across the water, mesmerized by the clouds. I stayed a moment too long and had to run for it!

No sunset, but a beautiful sight just the same. And the forecast for tomorrow, sunny skies. That will make the extra 100 km easier to take. Looks like the storms are behind me now.


  1. Wonderful photos! Especially the one with the storm coming in (2nd to last).

    1. Thanks Richard, watching a storm roll in is fascinating.

  2. Well captured, Karen. The clouds look quite threatening. When I did my big trip in 2015 I had followed your recommendation to ride HWY132. It was well worth the detour back 'home'.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I never tire of seeing this shoreline.