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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A View From The Top

Thunder and lightening woke me up very early and I finally gave up, got up and made some coffee at 5:30. The weather network was telling me the storm had passed. I wondered if anyone had looked out the window?
I got out my map and tried to estimate where the trail I was looking for might be (stall tactic). My estimate, somewhere in the Kamouraska area. My CAA map is Atlantic Provinces and Quebec, not really detailed, and Kamouraska is a very popular tourist area so thought I would look at hotel booking sites. Could stay in St. Andre again, no, I know the trail isn’t there. Look for cheap hotels and hope for the best. I missed by 25 km. I picked Saint Pascal, the trail head is closer to Rivière-Ouelle.
I finally found a map at the tourist information site, where the young man said, “But if you want to walk now…” And he convinced me to challenge the mountain (okay, maybe it’s not such a challenge, he says he recommends it to families with 5 year olds).
And this is what I found just 1.5 km from where I was staying.
A 1 km hike to the 150 meter summit. Considered an intermediate level hike, it was fairly easy as long as I kept an eye out for scraggly roots. And I confirmed I don’t like heights, so didn’t stay on the viewing platform at the top for long.
A view from the top of Montagne a Coton, and one last look over Kamouraska as the sun goes down.


  1. Very nice sunset photo! And the trail looked good too.

  2. Things are scary slow at work so it looks like I’ll be catching up on my favorite Kingston Rider’s Maritime travels today.

  3. That looks a nice little hike. Your photos are excellent, are you just using an iPhone to take them?

  4. thanks Richard, it was a beautiful scene ... may have missed the peak, couldn’t walk as fast as the sun was setting.

  5. Coop, nice to hear from you. This little trip is just about over ... trying to make it last but can only do that for so long. Home tomorrow.

  6. A great view and a stunning sunset. Seems like a perfect ending for your vacation trip, Karen. It was great to have you post more regularly. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  7. El D, all pictures taken this time around were taken with my almost 3 year old Blackberry Priv. It was ahead of its time back then with an 18 megapixel rear camera. It only has a 2 megapixel front camera, which is the proverbial selfie camera and that’s okay, because I don’t – take selfies that is. I don’t have many brand loyalties, but this once iconic Canadian technology leader is one I am clinging on to. I will probably have to over to the dark side at some time, but I will fight it as long as I can.

  8. Thanks Sonja ... it’s hard to balance work and hobbies, when it’s work season. Glad I could bring back some easternCanadian memories for you.