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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Scrap Plans A, B, and C

“It’s not going to rain, I’m not getting wet! It’s not going to rain, I’m not getting wet! It’s not going to rain, I’m not getting wet!” Try out the power of positive thinking! Keep saying it over and over.
Plan A today, stop in Fredricton to do the riverfront hike from Hart Island Campground, along the St. John River to the city. Moncton, clear blue skies. Over the mountains ahead the clouds are forming … positive thinking, “It’s not going to rain, I’m not getting wet!” Email from a friend, ‘Big thunder storm last night in Ontario, looks like it’s headed your way.’
Plan B, scrap plan A, keep going, looks lighter ahead. &*%#! I HATE GETTING WET! Plan C, scrap Plans A and B. Pull off the highway. Woodstock New Brunswick. Get gas, check weather network, have coffee, ponder a plan D.
Hartland! The rain lets up a bit and off I go.
Yahoo, a place indoors to stay. Unpack, hang up wet gear, put on rain coat, go explore on foot.
And look what I found. Who knew? The Trans Canada hiking trail … if I keep walking in this direction I could, hypothetically, go back to PEI, or these places. Nope, raining again so back to look at the bridge (bridges).
Walk across the bridge.
Now that’s what I call a renovation. Stop (like all the locals) to watch the raptor cat eat a house.
Hey, a Tim’s on the hiking trail.
If I keep walking this way, hypothetically, I could walk home. Not happening. Go back to hotel to watch the weather network. No more room at the Inn, so the weather has to improve tomorrow. But for tonight – the view from here.


  1. I guess too many other people wishing for rain. Maybe to cool things down...

    The clouds do look pretty ominous. The rain will stop once you get home.

  2. When you get back home to Ontario's drought you'll wish you'd brought the rain with you.

  3. Richard, I know the rain is needed, I just like it better when it happens when i’m Not riding.
    Canajun, if the weather network is correct (again, this time) I may be bringing it with me, or perhaps racing to beat it there.