Yes Emily

Yes Emily, girls can ride motorcycles!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Last Tuesday we were recovering from an ice storm ... 7 days later, the temp has reached plus 15 and I have put the cushions on the outdoor furniture ...
Snow tires and patio furniture ... that's an oxymoron
I have a rule of thumb; the motorcycle does not come out until the snow tires have been put away.
But the sure sign of spring ... cat wanted to go outside, for a moment anyway!
Soon ... very soon!


  1. What about snow tires on the motorcycle?

  2. Last couple of days have been spectacular - and long overdue. Every day I see more and more bikes on the road so, soon, very, very soon.

    1. Tons of bikes out on the weekend. They're the tough, I wait for the wimps, they're my kind of people!

  3. Spring is finally here and the machines are out though it's been a slow start for me. Hope to be making up for that soon, for you as well!

  4. Glad it is starting to warm up. Here's hoping the snow tires come off soon, very soon.

    Our silly cat goes outside all year round. Not fond of any snow we might get but he has a heated bed on the back deck he likes when it is chilly out.